The digital is never deleted

We often think of the impact of our physical waste as a sign of our existence. The not so pleasant debris of living things, but rarely consider our digital rejectamenta.

Select - Delete - Empty

Actions with “no consequence” but what is now gone? What is removed and what if it wasn't?

Within the digital wasteland is the “Collection of Digital Curiosities” a sequence of curated spaces depicting data lost to time. Audio Libraries, image galleries, text logs, screen captures, trained AI, and other data sequences are culled in the billions. Here they are repurposed as the new indicator of past, and living, repurposing and recycling. Justifying their own existence on display A show enmass of our creations and neglect.

In the short film below shows this digital world focused on a museum of deleted data albums.

Year Completed: 2021
Location: Online
Instructor: Nathan Su + Morgan Jacobs + Nora Ziyi Yang
Work by: Cullen Fu

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